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Memory Loss

Some of the signs and symptoms of memory loss might include: declining cognitive function, mixing up your words, asking the same questions over and over, or just general forgetfulness. All are indicative of the sort of abnormal brainwave function that is many times associated with deficient information processing. This can lead to dementia if left untreated.

 Brainwave imbalance is just one of many cumulative
factors that affect memory loss.
​But BrainCore neurofeedback can help.

What Can I Do?

The most effective way shown to improve brain function is the use of neurofeedback. The results are powerful and the effects can be long lasting. 

What is Happening in my Brain?

Brain function may decrease if there is an imbalance in the electrical activity in your brain. Many factors can contribute to this process, but if left untreated it can lead to an acceleration of the symptoms associated with memory loss. 

Can Neurofeedback Help?

Your brain is not limited it’s abilities to heal itself. Due to its neuroplasticity, or the brain's ability to create new neural pathways, achieving optimal brain health is possible at any stage of life. When negative contributing factors are removed and brainwaves are regulated, cognitive function begins to improve.


BrainCore of Huntsville Can Help

Using state of the art technology, our BrainCore's Neurofeedback therapy specialists are able to map an individual's brain and determine where the imbalance exists. From there we can chart a course toward balance, recovery, and optimum health. 

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